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Malatya’s Holy Trinity Church

September 14th, 2012    |    No Comments »

On Thursday, September 13, we arrived in Malatya and visited the city’s Holy Trinity Armenian Church. Built in the 1880s, the church has been abandoned since 1915. Now the city plans to renovate and reopen the house of worship.

When we arrived the church was locked, but a local Armenian resident opened the doors and gave us a brief tour. Once Armenians comprised half the city’s population. Today only 20 Armenian families live here.

While the walls of Holy Trinity Church remain intact, its dome has been completely destroyed, and the interior is overgrown with weeds. Inside, we gathered for a requiem service for the souls of those who perished in the Armenian Genocide. Next we drove a short distance to an Armenian cemetery, where we said a prayer for the souls of the departed.

Later in the day, we stopped in Kharpert (Elazıg), where we saw a fortress dating to the ancient Urartu kingdom. At the foot of the fortress were the ruins of the 8th-century Sourp Garabed Armenian Church.

–Artur Petrosyan of the Diocese’s Communications Department is covering the two-week pilgrimage