Armenian Church of Our Savior

87 Salisbury Street
Worcester, MA 01609

Phone: (508) 756-2931
Fax: (508) 752-1239


Establishment: 1891

Consecrated: November 2, 1891

Sanctuary: The parish owns its permanent sanctuary, which is not the original one. The church, the first Armenian Church in America, was originally located at 65 Laurel St. in Worcester. The current facility includes a cultural center, auditorium, assembly hall, and 16 classrooms.


Visitations of His Holiness Catholicos Vazken I and His Holiness Catholicos Karekin I and the Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of founding of Armenian Church in the United States.


Armenians in General Area: 2,000
Estimated Number of Members: 740
Dues-Paid Members: 429

Average Number of Sacraments:
Baptisms: 15
Weddings: 4
Funerals: 29

(Figures from 2001)


Very Rev. Fr. Hovsep Sarajian, 1889-1893
Very Rev. Fr. Malachia Derounian, 1894-1897
Very Rev. Fr. Mashdotz Papazian, 1897-1898
Right Rev. Bishop Hovsep Sarajian, 1898-1906
Very Rev. Fr. Boghos Kaftanian, 1906-1908
Very Rev. Fr. Ghevont Martougesian, Rev. Fr. David Der Avedisian, Rev. Fr. Mateos Manigian, and Very Rev. Fr. Dripoun Bidzakian, 1908-1913
Very Rev. Fr. Arsen Vehouni (Primate), 1913-1917
Rev. Fr. Serope Nershabouh, 1914-1917
Rev. Fr. Yeghishe Kalchinjian, 1917-1919
Rev. Fr. Atik Dzotzikian, 1919-1930
Rev. Fr. Harutune Toumayan, 1930-1931
Rev. Fr. Agop Mekjian, 1932-1954
Very Rev. Fr. Mesrob Semerjian, 1953-1956
Very Rev. Fr. Oshagan Nigolian, 1957
Very Rev. Fr. Alan Potukian, 1957-1958
Very Rev. Fr. Yeghishe Gizirian, 1957-1963
Very Rev. Fr. Muron Gurjikian, 1963-1972
Very Rev. Fr. Shnork Kasparian, 1972-1974
Very Rev. Fr. Khajag Barsamian, 1975
Very Rev. Fr. Yeghishe Gizirian, 1976-1979
Rev. Fr. Garabed Kochakian, 1976-1982
Very Rev. Fr. Yeznig Balian, 1982-1983
Rev. Fr. Aved Terzian, 1984-present

Parish Council

Chair: Edward Atamian

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Armenian School

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